Hey there, I’m Ryan, the one-man maker/owner of Mack & Hound! I won’t bore you with some long-winded story about a magical moment that inspired me to be where I am today (mostly because I’m not sure one exists), but here are the things that I stand for:

1. Handmade – Hand cut and hand stitched. Each product takes a long time to make, but the quality and longevity make the whole process worthwhile.

2. Local – Our supplies come from as close to the shop as possible, and all of it comes from the US.

3. Keep It Simple – Clutter is the death of purpose. No unnecessary pockets, zippers, buttons.

4. A Good Drink– There’s always time for drinks with family and friends (Beer, Cocktails, or Iced Coffee are preferred)


Our Leathers

Our leathers are supplied by the following tanneries:

Wickett and Craig in Curwensville, PA

Acadia Leather in Hartland, ME

Every hide is unique and features different natural grains and wrinkles, which makes each piece we make a little unique. As such, your order may look a tad different than the product photo.

We also only use full grain leather. The stuff you buy in department stores (sometimes called “Genuine Leather”) is usually just leather scraps covered in glue and pressed together to look good, but falls apart after serious use. The easiest way to think about it: Full Grain Leather is Chicken Tenders and “Genuine” leather is chicken nuggets.


Our Thread

We proudly use Maine Thread from Lewiston, Maine, a family owned and operated business since 1965.