From Left to Right: English Tan, Saddle, Autumn, Wheat, Stormy, and Black

  • English Tan: Beautiful orange brown, very popular in men's dress shoes and belts
  • Saddle: A natural medium brown with light brown pull-up
  • Autumn: A dark red-brown with red/orange pull-up
  • Wheat: Classic deep, dark brown with light brown pull-up accents
  • Stormy: Gorgeous graphite grey with light grey pull-up
  • Black: Semi-shiny black, uniform color throughout

Every hide is unique and features different natural grains and wrinkles, which makes each piece we make a little unique. As such, your order may look a tad different than the product photo.

  • Neutrals

    Top Row - White; Middle row - Goldenbrown, Cork; Bottom Row - Black, Grey, Chestnut

  • Blue/Greens

    Top Row - Olive; Middle row - Turquois, Emerald; Bottom Row - Navy, Denim, Marina Blue

  • Reds

    Top Row - Topaz; Bottom Row - Scarlet, Lilac